• ALT236, explorer of the labyrinth of fantasyOn Tipeee since September 2017
  • Le Cinéma de Durendal, movie reviews and studiesOn Tipeee since February 2014
  • Partager c'est sympa: together to build a fair and sustainable futureOn Tipeee since October 2017
  • Davy Mourier, jokes and toys not so cleanOn Tipeee since September 2018
  • Dédouze draws his life and his imaginary world On Tipeee since February 2020
  • Le Fil d'Actu, gives meaning to the news On Tipeee since October 2016
  • Maxwell is speaking to metalheads since 2011!On Tipeee since November 2014
  • Maliki, main character of a weekly comic-stripOn Tipeee since June 2016
  • Bruce, stimulates your scientific curiosity on his chanel “e-penser” On Tipeee since April 2014
  • Benjamin, YouTube creator of the History channel Nota BeneOn Tipeee since November 2014
  • Ynotece Cosplay teaches you how to create costumes on YouTube & TwitchOn Tipeee since December 2018
  • Et tout le monde s'en fout, the web series that connects your neuronsOn Tipeee since April 2017
  • Thinkerview : Grasping the complexity of today and tomorrow's issuesOn Tipeee since September 2017
  • Nexus VI the YouTube channel specialized in sci-fiOn Tipeee since April 2016
  • Fabien, creator, director and author of “Noob”On Tipeee since March 2017
  • Léo, creator of the scientific channel “DirtyBiology”On Tipeee since November 2014
  • Science étonnante: popularizing science in all its formsOn Tipeee since June 2015
  • Manon Bril, creator of “C’est une autre Histoire”On Tipeee since October 2016
  • Since 2012, Capture Mag is exploring cinema and pop cultureOn Tipeee since May 2019
  • Ariane shares her passion for yoga on YogaCoachingOn Tipeee since January 2018
  • Max Bird preconceived notion breaker and tracker of rare birds for 65 million yearsOn Tipeee since June 2020

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