• Nexus VI the YouTube channel specialized in sci-fiOn Tipeee since April 2016
  • Nowtech, the tech, video and photo adventureOn Tipeee since October 2015
  • Léo, creator of the scientific channel “DirtyBiology”On Tipeee since November 2014
  • Le Fil d'Actu, gives meaning to the news, On Tipeee since October 2016
  • 2guys1tv the heavy metal YouTube channel since 2011 On Tipeee since April 2014
  • Ariane shares her passion for yoga on YogaCoachingOn Tipeee since January 2018
  • Maliki, main character of a weekly comic-stripOn Tipeee since June 2016
  • Les Parasites, short-movies directors on YouTubeOn tipeee since April 2016
  • Neil Jomunsi writes odd fictionsOn Tipeee since August 2015
  • Passé Sauvage, an archeologist interested in modernityOn Tipeee since December 2016
  • Mr Mondialisation: an independent, participatory end citizen-oriented mediaOn Tipeee since February 2016
  • Epic Pixel Battle, watch pop culture icons clash in rap battles videos!On Tipeee since May 2017
  • Horror Humanum Est, History in small bloody bitsOn Tipeee since July 2017
  • Manon Bril, creator of “C’est une autre Histoire”On Tipeee since October 2016
  • Cyrus North popularizes philosophy on videoOn Tipeee since February 2016
  • Damdam pro streamer on Twitch and video maker on YouTubeOn Tipeee since January 2017
  • Fabien, creator, director and author of “Noob”On Tipeee since March 2017
  • Florence Porcel : from space to sciences of the UniverseOn Tipeee since December 2014
  • Exoglyphes, offbeat sci-fi novelsOn Tipeee Since May 2016
  • Kriss will turn your brain upside down with his show “Minute Papillon”On Tipeee since November 2013
  • Bruce, stimulates your scientific curiosity on his chanel “e-penser” On Tipeee since April 2014

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