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  • Qui je suis et quel type de contenu je produis ?

  • Hello, I'm Julian Poidevin, an embedded software engineer. I like to code during my free time to create software that helps the community.

  • Pourquoi suis-je sur Tipeee ?

  • MBPMid2010_GPUFix is an utility program that allows to fix MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2010) intermittent black screen or loss of video. The algorithm is based on a solution provided by user fabioroberto on MacRumors forums.

    The application can be download at : https://github.com/julian-poidevin/MBPMid2010_GPUFix/releases/latest

  • Quelles sont les contreparties pour les tipeurs ?

  • By tipping me, you'll encourage me to create new software and help me paying for my website which hosts all the application update.