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Tipeee is a new way of crowdfunding based on leaving a tip. Our business serves all creators who provide free content, on a regular basis, and want it to last! Whether you are a Youtuber, author of comic strips, podcaster, fanzine editor or blogger, if you have a community that follows and supports you, Tipeee is made for you.

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Tipeee - Take Care of Your Tipeee Page

Take Care of Your Tipeee Page

Users will support you if they feel you are fully engaged in your approach to your project. So pay attention to form and substance! Clearly explain to your community how their support might help you. Do it in an exhaustive, clear and positive way. Expound your projects for those who may not know you and finally, visually customize your page so that it reflects you.

Mobilize Your Community

Tipping is cool, but it’s not magic! Your first and most fervent tippers will be your fans and loved ones (family, friends, etc.). Reach out to them using our communication tools and share your Tipeee page on social media!

Tipeee - Mobilize Your Community
Tipeee - Give Back

Give Back

On Tipeee, the minimal amount for a pledge is 1€. So offer rewards suitable for all amounts, and reward your fanbase with the exclusive and exceptional!

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