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Alpha versions for macOS now available!

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  • Hi everyone!

    If you're part of the Apple camp, I have good news! You can now download macOS versions of the alpha versions starting from version 2019-10-11.2. It's available in your dashboard at

  • Since I'm not doing any code signing yet on the macOS bundles, you will have safety warnings from your web browsers and Apple:

  • Make sure to choose "Keep" in your web browser. Then, after launching the DMG image and copying the VGC app to your Applications folder, you have two ways to get past the Apple warnings:

    1. Launch the app with CTRL+Click > Open > Open Anyway.

    2.  Launch the app with a double-click, choose OK. Then go to System Preferences > Security and Privacy, and add VGC as an exception. Finally, launch the app again, there shouldn't be a warning this second time.

    Let me know if you have any trouble installing or using VGC Alpha!

    Next step: create AppImage packages for Linux.