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  • Today, April 1st 2019, I am announcing my plans to build the greatest of all greatest video platforms everest!!!

Inequality + Inequality = Equality?

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  • Can you balance a period of social inequality with an equally long period of social inequality with switched roles?

    In short: I *seriously* doubt it!

  • Mein Kommentar zur Annahme von Artikel 11/12/13 bzw. jetzt 15/16/17.

  • An ad hoc video where I sing a song texted by the German priest Dietrich Bonhoeffer who got arrested and killed by Nazis for defending humanity and Christian values. In German.

  • Es ist grundsätzlich Unsinn, ein modernes Wort anhand einer früheren Bedeutung erklären zu wollen. Etymologie, also Sprachentwicklung, ist meistens zufällig und oft geradezu absurd. Wenn es darum geht, eine eigene Theorie zu untermauern, die eigentlich nicht zu untermauern ist, wird kreative "Sprachforschung" aber sehr oft verwendet. Das ist für mich ein Alarmzeichen. Das eine sind gutmeinende Fehler, die einfach Unfug erzeugen, aber dahinter steckt oft mehr.

  • I got back my marks in the rhetorics exam (module RHET at the FHS St. Gallen I only passed because everybody passed. It is a rather unimportant topic for commercial informatics. But it's an important topic for a videocreator who mostly does talks!

    So I'll have to attend some more classes and courses in that area. It's definitely a weakness I want to attack. However, it may take another year or so since I have to concentrate on the main modules in school now.

Solar cooker cooking video uploading

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  • Currently uploading: My Video from September 2018 about cooking food with my 1.4m mirror solar cooker.

    It was a rather overcast day so it took me about an hour to get the food ready. The video however is compressed to about 9 minutes of viewing time.

New equipment for my PC lab

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  • I unboxed a harddisk dock for my computer laboratory. There will be a part 2 powering it up. Since it spent the night outside it is too cold right now and probably got water from condensation inside. It may get fried when plugged in right now.

    Part 2 is up.

  • My videos are also avaliable on bitchute. I re-upload some of the older ones there too when I get around.