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Eskhar Hygan

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Who am I and what kind of content do I do ? (english version)

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  • I'm french and I like to imagine and draw stories. I do essentially manga-style comics (and sometimes artworks). 

    Big fan of sci-fi, horror and fantasy, I've been published in some fanzines, and worked with some independant comics and retro videogames editors. All in all, I did something like 200 pages (not really much bay many standards, but hey, it was all on my free time, and I did not have that much of it ! x3).

    Now I'm working on my own comic : Psychomantium. You may read the old version (V3) in english here on Amilova. I'm currently correcting and finalising the 1st volume to release it in a paperbook format this year.

    Sorry, the video teaser below is in french

  • why am i on tipeee ?
  • Like I said, drawing comic has always been a hobby. As nice as it is, I need to eat and find money, which takes me a lot of time I would like to be able to devote to drawing also. I've submitted my work to editors, and received good reviews, even had some propositions for collab work as an illustrator sometime, but that would mean to abandon my own projetc. And, anyway, it was never enough to make a living. The thing is, in France, even professionnal comic workers have it really tough. So I've always had to keep a main salary job (it has some good sides, as it makes me go out and meet people). But, thanks to your financial support, I would be able to combine my two activities with a better equilibrium, and not have to choose a side anymore.

  • With your help, I want to make this a two-way road going to the same direction. This money would help me improve my work station, or buy new goodies. Maybe one day, earn a living from my art. 
  • what do you get for your pledge ?
  • As you may have guessed already, tipeee is kind of a french "patreon" (more like european actually, since it functions with € currency). You may choose your language options, but I'm a bit uncertain about payment options and fees for wolrdwide patrons (I know you may use paypal though).

    Becoming a tipeur (patron) is a really kind gesture of support. And it means a lot to me to know you appreciate my work enough to tip me !
    Since Psychomantium is totally free for the reading, and shall remain so, it's a bit hard to find something to give you to show you my gratitude. What I can do is offering exclusive content. It may be a digital reward (for example, all tipeurs will have access to 2 unreleased pages in advance each month), or goodies (philanthropes will receive a signed printed card each month).
    You may choose to pledge monthly, or just for one time. The rewards are due each month, and will be delivered when the tips are confirmed (at the beginning of the next month) 

  • Nota Bene : 

    The private facebook group gives you access to all the exclusive content that was published since the begining of this tipeee (you'll have to dig it up, but it's there !). There's no order in the content (because posts change place on facebook when there are feedbacks). It's more of a glimpse of what I'm currently working on (the next volume in general, but I may choose to keep some content hidden to avoid too much spoil - that would ruin the readin)

    The PDF chapters are just a bonus reward to thank the more generous supporters. Releases are totally irregular, since it takes me 6 to 12 months to make one chapter. I promise you'll get to read the unreleased chapter eventually (even if you pledge on march and it's finished only in september, I'll send the pedf to you). But there's no fixed content per month (and if you pledge one, or 2 or 3 times in a row, it will still be the same chapter when it's done).
    Of course, there are other bonus to make for it (VIP get 2 more tickets fir the lottery, and philanthropes get a printed card or a goodie, each tim they pledge).
    I thank you for your understanding.

    This tipeee page shall change in the future, to adapt the situation. New rewards and new objectives may be added. If you have suggestions, feel free to give them to me. I always thrive to improve.