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  • Who are you and what type of content do you create?

  • Hello there!

    I am filsdelama, a top French osu! player that is currently ranked n°5 in the Global Performance Ranking, accumulating over 13.000 Performance Points (and counting...) since the beginning of my osu! career. You may know me for my skills in HDDTHR and AR11.

    I often stream my osu! sessions on, getting an average of 150-300 viewers per stream. I am hoping to get partnered soon.

    I also have a YouTube Channel with more than 8.700 Subscribers where you can find my most impressive osu! scores & Stream highlights. I try my best to upload twice a week. If you wish to know more about osu! and its ever-growing community, I made a YouTube video which explains the game mechanics. You can find it just below.

    Don't hesitate to keep in touch with my community on Discord! :)

  • Why are you on tipeee?

  • You might be asking youself: "A top player like you MUST be rich already, why do you even bother opening a tipeee page?". That's where you're wrong.

    Unfortunatly, I don't have the chance to live in a wealthy family, AT ALL. Therefore, if I want something that costs money, I have to work hard, harder than anybody else for it, unlike 95% of French teenagers nowadays. Which is exactly what I did to buy what I already have, that is my keyboard (CM Quickfire TK w/ RED switches), my PC, and so on. Nevertheless, I try my best to offer my community quality content, may it be on YouTube or on my Twitch Livestream, but that is a very complicated thing to do when you don't have enough funding for all the gears necessary. For exemple, I currently have to stream with 700 kbit/s bitrate because I don't have an internet connexion of my own, so I have to use the public network.

    I do however have the chance to be very skilled in osu, and I think it would be a shame to neglect that. In fact, I shall use of this privilege to increase the quality of my content by asking charitable souls some fundings.

  • What do I get from tiping you?

  • As you can probably see on the right of the page, I honestly don't know what I could offer to my tipers that I don't already offer to my entire community. If however you have any suggestions, I'll take them :)