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Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té

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Jérôme Li-Thiao-Té
  • Who am I and what kind of content do I create?

  • Hi, I live presently in Budapest and Reunion Island… and Paris :) I am from here and there! 

    I am a content creator, mainly music but I enjoy creating videos and audio visual installations. The topics of my videos are very different from one to another but I intend to create video content about:

    - music, musician life, music industry, tips & tricks, music coaching etc.

    - travels / vlogs

    But also some "WTF videos" :-D

    If what's below isn't enough, check http://www.jeromelithiaote.com 

    some FAQs 

    Q. how do i make a living? 

    A. i have an audio content studio / I produce music. I write, play & record music. I design & build audio installations. I am a musician and engineer. 

    Q. where did i go to music school? 

    A. never went to advanced/superior fancy music school or college/conservatory. Although I started very early to learn how to play the violin (~3 y.o.) and finished the basic music school when I was ~15 y.o. 

    Q. what gear? 

    A. I have been using my first 4/4 violin since I am ~12 y.o. and since ~2001 I have one of the first built Yamaha electric violin. More on this later. 

    Q. someone asked how old i am. 

    A. i'm 34. well for now i am. i was born in Dec. 1982 so if i don't update this before next year you can keep track on your own. 

    You can ask more questions, i'll try to answer them.

  • Why am I on Tipeee?

  • Creating all this orginal content takes a trumendous amount of time and to tell the truth, I would not be against renewing/repairing/upgrading part of my equipment. 

    I mainly work as a musician (violinist), and some soundtracks composition/production (for others). I would like to share also my experience and help others (via my coaching videos etc.) but for this, I need some support, some luv. :-)

    Even without your support, I am convinced that my videos will improve but it will take a lot more time to improve. :-p

    In a nutshell, you are not forced in any way to support me. It is better to see this like a little help, a way for you to support my work: I will be fine without your support, but I will be better with ^^.


    Produire ce contenu me prend énormément de temps, et il est vrai que je ne serai pas contre renouveler un peu mon matériel. Je travaille à côté de Youtube comme musicien (violoniste live) et je compose/produit des bande-sons (pour d'autres). Je souhaiterai également partager mon experience (au travers mes vidéos de formation etc.) mais pour cela, j'ai besoin de votre soutien. :-)

    Malgré tout, même sans vos dons, mes vidéos continueront à s'améliorer, mais plus lentement :-p

    Bref, vos dons ne sont absolument pas obligatoires, il faut voir cela comme un coup de pouce, une manière pour vous de soutenir mon travail : je me porte bien sans, je me porterai mieux avec ^^.

  • What are the rewards for tippers?

  • Without you, I would not have been creating so many videos, this is thanks to your support and you following my work (of course I remain humble in my little world...), that I created more often, that I publish more videos and more sophisticated music tracks.

    I would like to find some rewards/perks for everyone, even the ones who cannot give a lot... 


    Sans vous, je n'aurai jamais été aussi productif, c'est parce que vous suivez assidûment (à ma petite échelle biensûr...), que j'ai pu trouver la motivation de créer plus régulièrement, de sortir des vidéos et des sons toujours plus travaillés.

    Je souhaiterai trouver des contreparties qui ne léseront pas ceux qui ne peuvent pas donner beaucoup...