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  • Who am I, what do i do ?
  •  I started my first day of high school with flaming orange hair, which earned me the nickname « Citrouille » (« pumpkin » in English). As I got more and more familiar with the english language, I chose to call myself Pumpkin, and then realized that loads of people had already had the same idea.

    In 2015 and on the road to become a freelance artist, a new challenge presented itself : what name should I choose for my new website, the sphinx that would guard all my upcoming work ? I still felt very enthusiastic about the vegetable field, which was also definitely too broad to favor only one of its elements. So I chose to call myself "Je suis une légume" (I am a vegetable), quickly abbreviated to "Légume" by those who followed me. A delight to hear when English-speaking people try to pronounce it :)

    I have been an illustrator for a little over two years. I have worked on escape game books (with French publisher Editions Mango ), and children’s books (with Nathan). I’ve written and drawn countless small strips on my website ; the most elaborate being the ones of the last two summers where I narrate my encounters with the burner community. I also publish lots of digital and traditional illustrations on social networks, and just started working on comicbook projects that had been stored away for way too long. I have LOTS of stories to tell, and I want to take the time to do it.

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  • WHY TIPEEe ?
  • A few months ago someone showed me a Ted Talk by  Amanda Palmer : « The art of asking ». She developed a powerful idea, the bottom line being : "Don't make people pay for music, let them.". Learn how to ask. This talk inspired me. So I decided to absorb this fragment of philosophy, offer a way of supporting me.

    I like to write. I like telling a story. I like to draw. I would like to do it as much as I can, without having to systematically go through intermediaries. And I need time to do it well. The time I choose to invest in those projects is, as of now, unpaid. So pretty hard to maintain long-term. I’ve been asked a few times how one could support my work , so I ripped out my roots and left to build a Tipeee.

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  • Use of donations and why contribute ?
  • All the donation directly go to the watering can above me. The more I grow, the more things will grow around me. You can picture yourselves as the gardeners of my vegetable patch.

    I am a grateful vegetable for anything I recieve, so you'll find next to this description a list of the rewards I propose. It's not set in stone, and will grow and evolve at the same time as the community :)
  • QUID ?

    A randomly picked name among the eligible tipers. If I pick your name, you'll receive the corresponding gift :)


    You will be able to get the source file of the monthly illustration on your computer, for you to look at in detail, or print. SIDENOTE : they are not free of copyright, the exploitation is for your own use. It is forbidden to reproduce them without authorization for another person, or for sale.


    No engagement in time, you can participate during a month if you're interested in a reward, change your tip the following month, stop, do it again...you participate whenever you like !


    As many, I will for now function on a monthly basis. At the end of each month, I'll review the rewards due to the patrons. You need to still be a patron at midnight on the last day of the month in order to receive your reward.