Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

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Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.
  • Who am I?
  • Hi! I'm Naomi Wu aka "SexyCyborg". I'm a 26-year-old Maker and hardware enthusiast from China. 

  • Where am I from?
  • I live in Shenzhen, also known as the "Silicon Valley of Hardware". Chances are the phone or computer you are reading this on was made here- maybe even by a girl I grew up with. It's a city straight out of CyberPunk, on the cutting edge of tech and it's growing at an amazing rate. I'm right in the middle of it, and I want you to see what I see every day.

  • What sort of content do I create?
  • I build FashionTech Wearables and other cool things then share the Open Source plans online, I review the latest tech from China I can get my hands on, I write about life in Shenzhen and the local hardware community, I'm a 3D printing enthusiast, I try to encourage local women to become more technically proficient. I've done these things without any sort of compensation, just as a hobby for over two years- because I'm passionate about tech, making things and letting people know what life is like here. 

  • Why sponsor me?
  • I don't buy frivolous things or lead any kind of a glamorous lifestyle. Whatever you sponsor it won't be wasted. You can see my lifestyle pretty clearly from my videos- most of my income goes to tools and stuff for my builds. There aren't a lot of vloggers creating English language content in Mainland China and I like to think I offer something unique.

  • Why sponsor a creative person in China?
  • I'm very active in promoting Open Source; Maker culture, and encouraging innovation here in Shenzhen. If we can stop copying so much and develop our own creative culture in China- that helps the US and other Western countries a lot also. If other Chinese see that creativity is valued and appreciated by Westerners, that goes a long way towards making them reconsider a culture that often thinks it's clever or practical to just copy.
  • Do you get any additional content?
  • Hopefully soon. I've had some setbacks- being a YouTuber in Mainland China is a bit challenging, but I'm hoping I'll have the time and resources to do this.