Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

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James Beetem
James Beetem - 0

I am impressed with your conquest of social media. I support your enthusiasm and plan to continue to follow your career. The future will be very creative and funny if you have your way.

dlicild - 0

More videos.

RSouthExM - 0

Hi Naomi. I've really enjoyed your live streams as of late. It is incredible to see the diversity and breadth of the area where you live and all the tech energy. I just wanted to pass on something to you that may be of interest. Whether it evolves I'm not sure. Here's a little article I came across. I immediately thought of you and the 3-D maker mind you have. It would be incredible if 3-D fab technology could start producing energy cell.s Imagine deploying a #D print system that could be assembled for energy creation

I should mention it also makes me crazy to see how you are misunderstood generally. The West has got a lot to learn and alot of growing up to do to understand that there are others all over the world that have incredible ideas. Anyway I could go on and on here. Blessing on your day and whatever you find yourself doing.

Ping2001 - 0

Thank you for your great work. You are an inspiration for many people in the world.

gio - 0

hoping a better future for you ;-)

beepy - 0

It's the least I could do ...well I could give zero I s'pose.

Merlin Doepner
Merlin Doepner - 0

Good Luck, I have learned alot about 3-D printers. You have been very helpful.

dan - 0

Naomi - keep on going with the videos. I love Shenzhen (when I'm there as an architect).

pheb62 - 0

Just read your full story on - nice to have the info all in one place. Keep going, girl!