Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

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WSiaB - 0

Thanks for your hard work.

mistapotta - 0

Anyone else get triple-charged? My credit card caught it and declined them.

dlicild - 0

More Videos!!!!!!!

bjeddy - 0

wow,, you look so amazing I just wanted to thank you for making my day

g0rilla - 0

Good luck in everything you do! I've read the articles and I feel bad about what has happened to you in regards to the whole western media thing.
I admire what you do! Please be careful and best of luck in all your endeavours! I've subscribed to you on SubscribeStar as well.

Philerup - 0

Naomi I love that you are so honest when ya make mistakes and own it!! Good for U and also love that you were pushing yourself to do different things. Very cool video,love your presentation and you look amazingly sexy..take care ma’am

Amirul Ridzuan
Amirul Ridzuan - 0

I Love You

DocDoo - 0

Hi Naomi
Thanks for staying true to yourself and being courageous in your chosen way of life. I hope this helps you along.
Kind regards

bjeddy - 0

you are a special woman,, I like your style :-)