Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

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ZHun - 0

Keep up the great work:)

Karl - 0

A bit of support from France, for your work, your skills, your courage and convictions, and your new looks ;)

Jon - 0

thank you for all you do.....

Bill James
Bill James - 0

Naomi, I am an older engineer working in at a failure analysis and material science laboratory in Plano TX. I have been following you for a while and have enjoyed your videos. I am also a maker, I presently have two enders 3 and a cr10s. My main project is remodeling my media room with a rocket ship theme. I am presently working on completing the "Star Trek" doors that go into the lab. They are stepper powered pocket doors running on an ardunio. Here is my instagram link.
Also if you would like something very small imaged or analyzed, I would be happy to do it. And when I mean small, I can image something down to 20 nm. I also can X-ray something too. I have some nice toys at work. Your friend. Bill James.

Dani - 0

help me for 50$ in my account paypal is: [email protected]

Nemo69 - 0

Best wishes!

JohnWasser - 1

I have a question. What's that (I assume Chinese) song plays over time-lapse segments? Does anyone know where I can find an English translation of the lyrics?


It's called the Dolly song or Ieva's polka. There are many different versions of that song floating around.

Matthew - 0

I hope this helps. I really appreciate your work.

Michael - 0

Just trying to help a bit. Not sure about Tipee yet so going slow.