Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

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TrashBot- Amazing Home Automation That Bags Your Garbage!

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Chan - 0

Another use case. Bag up dirty nappies. If the bags are sealed then the smell should also be sealed. Although I don't think this would be environmentally friendly.

Happy Platypus
Happy Platypus - 0

What an awesome office helper. Great vid, looking beautiful as always huali. Happy new year ????????????

richark - 0

does it require special bags?

veritanuda - 0

Hehe.. that is actually kinda cute. A bit noisy but I like the concept but curious how much rubbish it can take care of. Has got me thinking how I could put wheels on it and have it follow me around like the suitcase. Make sweeping stuff off the bench straight into the bin easy. :)

bekathwia - 0

Awesome video Naomi! Thanks for sharing this fancy tech. Very cute ending too!

witchnectar - 0

It's noisy.

Worldwide - 0

Kool idea and makes things neat and clean nothing worse than that smell taking out the rubbish...A big Thumbs up for the T-shirt they are way too funny..