Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

Naomi Wu- Shenzhen Maker, Tech and DIY Enthusiast.

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I Got 3D Body Scanned! And You Can Get A Copy of Me!

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Really nicely done video. I love how professional you come across here, both promoting JLCPCB and also in promoting the charitable causes you care about. Thanks for the tour of the new technology. The Star Trek “holo deck” feels extra close to reality today!


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It is fascinating tech and so nice to see you thinking about how to dissuade copy cats, not that I feel anyone could really copy or fake you anyway.

But one question, are you going to put up the scans of you in the overalls and skirt too?

Much as I love seeing you in your bikini it is not the normal way I think of you. You in your overalls with a big hammer in your hand would be perfect ;)

Thanks Naomi, it's really fun following you!

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I already bought the file cant wait for the Sexy Cyborg cloning please add me to that list

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