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Epic giveaway

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  • Hey all. 

    Decided due to the huge generosity of the gaming community to do another giveaway. This time I've got HyperX back providing even better prices than before. All donations/tips = entry. Obviously, the more value, the more tickets you get. Think of $1 as one raffle ticket, but $10 is 10, etc, something along those lines.

    Primarily it's based around gold donations via the Caffeine website tho. Here is further details. 

    Already had a fantastic first day with the competition so, don't miss out! Draw is 18th Oct :)

    === There is more detailed information in the video below, take a look ====

    I am live every day from around 6pm GMT (1pm EST) for a couple of hours at least. Sometimes longer. Chatting and gaming. 

  • *Video of donation at the bottom as proof because.. internet*

    Additionally, cheers to @Zfcyanide for his awesome $180 donation which pushes the total donated to $3002.10. Huuurrayyyy! https://twitter.com/BenWoodward/status/1171528941065998337

    Sorry for the lack of updates, i did technically finish the fundraising efforts on 31st of July but.. as with all good things, the goodness kept on coming and i managed to raise an additional $240 in August, which was lovely. Anyway..

    Just a quick one. The Tipeee money i received in July has finally arrived! Huzzah. I've attached images of Tipeee + a private donation and my one Caffeine payout (£77) that wasn't included in my previous calculations.

    Here are the receipts. I've put them into a savings account for 48 hours so i can squeeze a few more pennies anyway i can before i do the donation on Friday, if i can get an extra $0.20 im gonna do it! :D

    £1,015.18‬ in there as it stands, which will equate to £1,268.98 ($1543) with UK government gift aid contributions to go with the £750 (£937.5‬/$1,131 with 25% gift aid) i've already donated (caffeine money + some private donors). 

    Thanks again. The page will stay open for a few more months yet as i need to process Augusts payments (around 188e) and i'm continuing to use it to collect Clipee donations for those under the age of 18 (or cannot spare change to donate). 

    I'll post the screenshot on here once i've done it, i'll whack it on here too :) 

Keeping track of donations

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  • For complete transparency

    I've done some quick maths based on every donations, every site, taken into account the 33% IRS tax, the 2.5% withdrawal tax on Caffeine and the 8% Tipee fee (let's not get started on the fact Caffeine takes 50% pre-donation, they have to make profit some how, but when i get a $100 donation i'm seeing less than $50 of it)

    I've streamed on www.caffeine.tv/benwoodward daily and raised $2515.19 for MyelomaUK all on my own.

    To show my previous donations to MyelomaUK and my overall charity efforts here is a screenshot of my account on caffeine. 83,322 credits in donations is roughly $591.17 (£491.63). As you can see below i've made £750 in donations in advance to cover for this (as well as three private £50 donors and a £130 private donor, Thanks to P, G & J, you know who you are).

    I have an additional 1023e from the Tipee campaign (before they take their 8% cut, so 941.16e (£859.95) to donate to Myeloma UK at the end of August when i receive the transfer. See July 2019.

    This means by the end of August i'd of donated £750 from Caffeine inc private donors and £859.95 from Tipee (£1609.95 / $1,957.68). With the wonder of Giftaid (25% bonus for donating to charities in the UK) that amount skyrockets to £2,013.39‬ (£403.44 giftaid) - which is $2,448.27. 

    This doesn't include any Tipee donations in August which will be added at the end of September when i receive them!

    So, around the 30th of August, assuming that's when Tipeee send me the money, i'll be making a £859.95 donation, with a 25% gift aid bonus!) 

    Screw you IRS. Screw you fees. We will not be stopped. 

That was a nice way to end. $2,519.15

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  • Holy fuck we did it. The two minute countdown was fun on my stream as people scrambled to donate. Hit my all time viewership peak (24!). Not bad for a complete random.

    Thanks a million to everyone who ever donated. Here is the video for those who might be unawares they won something (although ill be reaching out in the coming days).

    Love Ben



The winners are..

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  • Most of you were probably not aware that i pledged to giveaway two mice (Hyper X Pulsefire mice) to donators. Well, now the month is over, the draw has taken place. I included every donator but excluded those who either contractually couldn't accept (players) and one person i know for a fact has enough money to buy HyperX as a company, so doesn't need a £50 mouse.

     And the winners are..

    Yes, I forgot my headset was turned off when i did this. I'd just finished streaming and was um, Tired.. Rough translation "The winner of the first mouse is ... Congrats, the winner of the second mouse is.. congrats. I'll be in touch"

  • Sort of. It doesn't *literally* close. However the month of July is completed, so every penny raised is banked by Tipeee and sent to me at the end of the month to send to charity, anything after this is pateron style money so i can offer some 1 on 1 tuition to Caffeine streamers. 

    So don't be alarmed when the 950e+ drops down to 50e or so on the 1st of August. The money is secure in escrow with Tipeee and will be released to me by 31st of August. I'll update this page with a video of me making my final big donation :-) 

    If you guys are feeling generous and want to help me hit the 1,000e mark feel free to chuck a few more euros in. I'm confident we'll hit it, just 46e away! More the merrier! Feel free to share :0)

    Thanks everyone. When this ends i will do a big thank you video.

    On a side note. I promised originally to giveaway two HyperX Pulsefire mice as part of this Tipeee campaign and im a man of my word. On the 1st of July i'll do a random number generator thingy and release a video of me doing it and will reach out to the winners to let them know they've won. They have 7 days to respond or i'll pick another winner.  

    On a side note, i am continuing to fundraiser until Friday over on caffeine.tv/benwoodward pretty much every day where i'm giving away $220 worth of SteelSeries gear and a few other bit and bobs i have lying around. Feel free to check that out to increase your chances of winning. Even depositing $0.99 and buying 15 gold then donating to me gets you in the draw on Friday at 9pm :)

  • I some how made it to $1500+ and want to thank each and everyone of you guys first. As you are the real stars. I'll thank everyone else on Twitter later. 

    PS. At this rate, I'm gonna have to do the fucking 24h stream aren't i?