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Keeping track of donations

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  • For complete transparency

    I've done some quick maths based on every donations, every site, taken into account the 33% IRS tax, the 2.5% withdrawal tax on Caffeine and the 8% Tipee fee (let's not get started on the fact Caffeine takes 50% pre-donation, they have to make profit some how, but when i get a $100 donation i'm seeing less than $50 of it)

    I've streamed on www.caffeine.tv/benwoodward daily and raised $2515.19 for MyelomaUK all on my own.

    To show my previous donations to MyelomaUK and my overall charity efforts here is a screenshot of my account on caffeine. 83,322 credits in donations is roughly $591.17 (£491.63). As you can see below i've made £750 in donations in advance to cover for this (as well as three private £50 donors and a £130 private donor, Thanks to P, G & J, you know who you are).

    I have an additional 1023e from the Tipee campaign (before they take their 8% cut, so 941.16e (£859.95) to donate to Myeloma UK at the end of August when i receive the transfer. See July 2019.

    This means by the end of August i'd of donated £750 from Caffeine inc private donors and £859.95 from Tipee (£1609.95 / $1,957.68). With the wonder of Giftaid (25% bonus for donating to charities in the UK) that amount skyrockets to £2,013.39‬ (£403.44 giftaid) - which is $2,448.27. 

    This doesn't include any Tipee donations in August which will be added at the end of September when i receive them!

    So, around the 30th of August, assuming that's when Tipeee send me the money, i'll be making a £859.95 donation, with a 25% gift aid bonus!) 

    Screw you IRS. Screw you fees. We will not be stopped.