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Tipeee donations from July are here, along with some additional caffeine money!

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  • *Video of donation at the bottom as proof because.. internet*

    Additionally, cheers to @Zfcyanide for his awesome $180 donation which pushes the total donated to $3002.10. Huuurrayyyy! https://twitter.com/BenWoodward/status/1171528941065998337

    Sorry for the lack of updates, i did technically finish the fundraising efforts on 31st of July but.. as with all good things, the goodness kept on coming and i managed to raise an additional $240 in August, which was lovely. Anyway..

    Just a quick one. The Tipeee money i received in July has finally arrived! Huzzah. I've attached images of Tipeee + a private donation and my one Caffeine payout (£77) that wasn't included in my previous calculations.

    Here are the receipts. I've put them into a savings account for 48 hours so i can squeeze a few more pennies anyway i can before i do the donation on Friday, if i can get an extra $0.20 im gonna do it! :D

    £1,015.18‬ in there as it stands, which will equate to £1,268.98 ($1543) with UK government gift aid contributions to go with the £750 (£937.5‬/$1,131 with 25% gift aid) i've already donated (caffeine money + some private donors). 

    Thanks again. The page will stay open for a few more months yet as i need to process Augusts payments (around 188e) and i'm continuing to use it to collect Clipee donations for those under the age of 18 (or cannot spare change to donate). 

    I'll post the screenshot on here once i've done it, i'll whack it on here too :)