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Epic giveaway

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  • Hey all. 

    Decided due to the huge generosity of the gaming community to do another giveaway. This time I've got HyperX back providing even better prices than before. All donations/tips = entry. Obviously, the more value, the more tickets you get. Think of $1 as one raffle ticket, but $10 is 10, etc, something along those lines.

    Primarily it's based around gold donations via the Caffeine website tho. Here is further details. 

    Already had a fantastic first day with the competition so, don't miss out! Draw is 18th Oct :)

    === There is more detailed information in the video below, take a look ====

    I am live every day from around 6pm GMT (1pm EST) for a couple of hours at least. Sometimes longer. Chatting and gaming.