Gates Of a Ruined Empire

Gates Of a Ruined Empire

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Gates Of a Ruined Empire

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  • Hi there!
  • My name is Matt and I work as a programmer for over a dozen years. A few months ago, I decided to radically change my life and risk everything I have to achieve the goal that I dreamed of since I first sat in front of the computer.

    Start making good games!

    Gates Of a Ruined Empire is my attempt to create a demanding real time strategy in the high / dark fantasy universe I have created over the years.

    Thanks to the growing community gathered around the game, I had the opportunity to meet many people who, like me, want to create the best RTS game in history. Thanks to their help and crowdfunding financial support, the project is developing more and more dynamically. Which is very nice because this action started at the end of May 2018, so we're just starting :)

    If you are not familiar with G.O.R.E., I invite you to our website, where you will learn more about the game itself. If you want to be up to date with news, subscribe to us on Twitter.

    And for those who are lazy, a brief description of how GORE differs from other games:

    => G.O.R.E. is a classic RTS, in the sense of old Warcraft and Starcraft gameplay, which means you have control over each unit individually.

    • => Branching modification of weaponry of units during the game, forcing the player to adapt the strategy to the prevailing conditions.
    • => Anti-rushing mechanics that make sure GORE is a strategy and not an arcade like.
    • => Instead of "Stone Scissors Paper" you have "Stone Scissors Paper Lizard Spock". Thanks to the fact that the unit has slightly more parameters than attack and defense. > more Info here <
    • => There is also a deep single player campaign aimed for an adult player.
  • Why am I on Tipeee?
  • The basic method of financing this project is fundraising at the Patreon website.
    However, many people have asked me to provide you with the possibility of sending a one-time donation for the development of the game. Here is the reason for G.O.R.E.'s presence in this site.

    If you do not like the commitments that Patreon makes, Tipee is for you.

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  • What are the rewards for tippers?
  • At present, if you donate more than 20 euros, you will be added to the list who will receive the digital edition of the game immediately after its release.

    You can pay a lower or higher amount if you want to support my work.

    Creating a game is an expensive process, so I'm grateful for every donation.