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Sielo browser

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Sielo browser
  • Who am I and what kind of content do I create?

  • Tabs spaces
  • Hi everyone, I'm Victor mostly known as Feldrise. I'm a young student who love programmation for a long time.

    I first started Sielo in order to learn, and yes I learned lot of things thanks to Sielo. However, some month ago I completely restarted the project this time with the aim to create something that can make you have a better experience with the web! 

    Sielo is an extremely customizable web browser. It has all the feature of a traditional web browser, but that's not the end! No more tabs everywhere, browse differently by using tabs spaces!

    Do more with tabs spaces

    This is the feature that makes Sielo so special. With tabs spaces you can divide your Sielo window into several spaces, as if you had several windows next to each other but still interacting with each others. You can resize your tabs spaces, hide them, mute them... This makes possible, among other things, to have several sessions, for example a session called "social networks", another called "music" and another called "work". Therefore you can hide the "music" tabs space and retrieve it at any time.

  • Sielo browser
  • Sielo also has other great features, if you want to discover them all I advice you to visite the website
  • Why am I on Tipeee?
  • Sielo is free, now and forever. It's a free open-source project started in 2016, with the purpose of improving your web experience. But, behind Sielo their is both a website and a developer. They need to live for making Sielo alive, and that why we need you! 

    I open the tipeee because I would love if the community can pay the server and the domain name of the site. Although it's not direct Sielo cost me much money and many times (and you know what we say: time is money). 

  • What are the rewards for tippers?
  • I only have a big thanks to give you currently. You can suggest me special version of Sielo than can be a reward though!