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  • Who am I and what kind of content do I create?
  • Hey! I'm Dan, a 21 year-old French trans man who likes creating things!

    I've been drawing in the margins of my notebooks since I was a little kid, but in November 2017 I finally started posting some of my art online. I wanted to share stories from my childhood and teenage years as a trans boy and created a comic called TransBoyHood : TBH. I'm hoping to give hope to the queer kids out there who might relate to the stories and see that I did get through it all, and am now prouder and happier than I've ever been!

  • Why am I on Tipeee?
  • This Tipeee was originally created to raise money for the printing of my comic! Thanks to the money raised during the first month, I know this project can become a reality in 2019. Any additional money goes into making the project better (printing colors are expensive!) and paying myself (so as to make the comic cheaper, my work as the artist / editor is unpaid).

    [Due to my studies at the moment (I study book editing and publishing), I have had to put both the online and paper comic projects on hold. But I'll be back very soon and can always be reached on Instagram!]

  • What are the rewards for tippers?
  • All tippers will be updated on the project's advancement ~

    I'll have a special thanks page at the end of the comic, with your name and/or social media username :)

    Finally, if the money you donate is superior to the price of the comic, I'll send one to you for free!