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Tribal Fusion Madness

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Tribal Fusion Madness

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  • Qui je suis et quel type de contenu je produis ?

  • Tribal Fusion Madness
  • Hello,
    I am Charline, the creator of Tribal Fusion Madness. I am a graphic designer, developer, and a tribal fusion dancer, specialized in metal fusion \m/

    Tribal Fusion Madness helps tribal fusion dancers to work on their technique by challenging their brains and bodieswith crazy movements, and helps them to find new ideas for choregraphying.
    So far it contains these tools:

    - a random layers generator. It generates for you a random isolation combination, on various rythm, amongst 94 545 360 different possible combinations. They are sorted by levels.

    - an ideas for choregraphying generator

    - and a challenge section

    If you are tired of always workingon the same layers and isolations combinations, this is for you!

    I am currently working on the third version of this tool. What's coming in the v3:

    - an actual smartphone application, accessible even offline

    - the possibility to choose what you want to work on. For example you' ll be able to choose to work on sharp + soft movements combinations, or on layers involving chest isolations and feet patterns, or layers on mayas.

    - Anatomical information about the isolations.

    - A video or 3D rendered preview of the combination (I'll decide according to time, budget and people wiling to help me ^^)

    - the possibility to save combinations you liked, sort them with a tags system, and share them

    - See your friends favorite combos and updvote/downvote them.

    - A gamification system with achievements, titles, badges and goodies to win.

    If you have any cool feature idea, feel free to tell me!

    I am working alone for this, and I want to offer it for free, forever. So your support on Patreon means a lot to me. It helps me pay for hosting, developing time, communications, and all that revolves arround an app creation.

    Let's shake this world with our shimmies!

  • Pourquoi suis-je sur Tipeee ?
  • I am on tipee because I work on this project alone and spend a lot of time coding, brainstorming ideas, designing etc... And hosting/distributing and the software I use have a cost that I support alone, since 2011 it's starting to be a really big amount, a little help would be welcome ^^

    Your support would allow me to pay for these costs and free more of my time to work on the project.

    Plus I want to offer this tool for free so your support will be essential in attaining that goal! <3


    Je suis sur Tipee parce que je travaille sur ce projet seule et je passe beaucoup de temps à coder, réfléchir aux nouvelles features et comment les implémenter, à designer etc... L'hébergement et la distribution ont aussi un coût, et depuis 2011 ça commence à faire beaucoup à supporter seule, un peu d'aide serait bienvenue ^^

    Votre aide me permettrait de pouvoir payer tout ça, et de dégager plus de temps pour offir un outil de meilleure qualité, tout en le gardant gratuit. Votre support est donc essentiel pour atteindre ce but <3

  • Quelles sont les contreparties pour les tipeurs ?
  • For reward, you have first, my deep and many thanks.

    Check out the list on the right to see your rewards :)


    En contrepartie de votre Tip, vous avez déjà ma reconnaissance profonde.

    Les contreparties sont sur la colonne de droite :)