We Are Touring

We Are Touring

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We Are Touring

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  • Find other cyclists to travel the world with!

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  • Who is behind We Are Touring?
  • My name is Bertrand, I’m a young french designer/developer and I have been developing on my own We Are Touring over several month (starting in September 2018 I think). The service is 100% free and is online since March 2019.

    Many people were asking if a company was behind the website. I am very flattered, but no, there is only one french dude doing the best he can!

    The idea of creating a website to find other cyclists traveling the world came to me when I was on the saddle hoping I could find such service online. It is that simple!

    I have been traveling in 2015 for over a year and a half from France to South East Asia. About 17 000 km cycled, so many good memories and a deep feeling of another way to live.

    Thanks to other cyclists I met on the road, my travel on bike became something I was not really planning. It becomes something very human by sharing experiences, pain, joy, culture...

    I am deeply grateful for that and I wish other cyclists will experience that!

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  • Why sending tips to We Are Touring?
  • The goal here is to be absolutely clear about what tips are for!

    I am not here to ask money to make benefits of it but to maintain a free service that could help a lot of cyclists around the world. Actually, I wish I developed that service before I traveled myself!

    If you are at the moment on a bike tour, I guess you try to keep a low budget as we all do! The service is meant to be free for all and will be free for ever but in order to maintain it online and offer new features, a donation/tip system is available so you can help by giving the amount you want (1$, 10$, …)!

    Money will be used to:

    - pay the hosting server every month

    - pay the domain name every year

    - develop new features

    - write new blog articles and help the community

    a lot more!



  • Thank you!

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