Yannick Burky

Yannick Burky

Created at January 20, 2018 #Radio #EDM #Podcast #Show Contact

Yannick Burky

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  • Who am I
  • It's been more than 20 years that I play a podcast (a radio show, a mixtape, call it what you want), and I have today about 200'000 listeners worldwide (30% in USA, 30% in France and 40% in Switzerland). I also produce tracks sometimes (an example below).

    What is important to me is the final quality of the mix, which means that I have a "finished product" approach rather than "live mix". 

    Musical Style: House - EDM - Clubbing - and some specials (Electro-Clash, Deep House, Deep Fusion, ...)

  • what am i doing here
  • Since I realized this podcast, so more than 20 years, it has always been free. I don't play live, buy 100% of the songs that I play (minus those that are not for sale in Switzerland or have not been published (mashups).

    Tipee is now my only source of income for my musical activity.

  • ok, and why helping you?
  • Your support is very important to me. On my side I can not commit myself to offer you much. On the other hand be sure that I am listening to my tipters for proposals, requests, and I will think of you in case of exclusivity.

    From CHF 5, 5 €, 5 $, I can send you on request, a link to the mix in quality 320kbs and the tracklist.

    And in any case, thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

  • Yannick Burky - Livin' The Dream (Official Music Video)